Every diet, fitness regime, plan, to do list, chore chart, schedule, I have ever encountered has one truth; it is based on a skewed reality that is inconsistent with real life. Seen any magazine ads lately? That is not real. That is lighting, air brushing, equipment, time, effort unmeasured in the moment; it is to say the least a false representation of a moment. If you have ever looked in the mirror and thought, “I look good today, I am going to take a selfie” and upon the review you delete 12 pictures and ask, “is that what I look like?” (no!), then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Have you ever had to sit all night in an Emergency room with your child and leave dishes undone, beds unmade, projects incomplete, call in for work? Ever been invited to a Birthday where there is cake? Ever have to attend a funeral of someone you love? Ever just want to snuggle in bed and watch TV ALL DAY LONG?!

When we are conscious of our own reality instead of making comparisons; we can then make genuine realistic goals.

I am middle aged; I have had four children. What happens if I compare my body with a 25 year old, or a friend who has an exceptional metabolism or plastic surgeon? I have had; what has been referred to by a friend as: “a very colorful life.”  If I compare myself to someone who has not experienced trauma, rejection, abuse…I am setting myself up for failure because I start to make false intentions; I will do more, be more, do less, be less, I will be something other than what I am today. What we don’t know can hurt us, and it does all the time.

In the MyLifes  journal you will see a section that simply says, “I am” here is where you are guided to make a positive truth statement about you. An example of one of mine was “I am worthy” I had no idea where it came from but it made a difference in how I approached my day. The “I am” section is a place to begin with a positive perspective on you without making comparisons. This spot is for you. It is not about what you want to be, wishing you were, or hope someday to accomplish; it is a space to acknowledge the spirit that is. The REAL you.



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